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3M Food Safety Indicator Organism Testing

This module introduces you to the use of 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plates. You will be able to list the components of the Petrifilm Plates and be able to: understand the steps to prepare and plate a sample, list the recommended incubation conditions and use the interpretation guidelines to count colonies.

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FS-01 : 3M Petrifilm Plates - Aerobic Count Plate

FS-03 : 3M Petrifilm Plates - Coliform Count Plate

FS-04 : 3M Petrifilm Plates - E.coli/Coliform Count Plate

FS-05 : 3M Petrifilm Plates - Enterobacteriaceae Count Plate

FS-06 : 3M Petrifilm Plates - Environmental Listeria Plate

FS-07 : 3M Petrifilm Plates - High Sensitivity Coliform Count Plate

FS-08 : 3M Petrifilm Plates - Rapid Coliform Count Plate

FS-09 : 3M Petrifilm Plates - Staph Express Count System

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